October S.A.F.E. Award Winners

October S.A.F.E. Award Winners
Posted on 10/03/2018
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Congratulations to the October S.A.F.E. Award winners (Safety Awareness For Everyone).  This month’s winners are Daisy Wingfield (Custodial) and Amy Cowart (Nutrition), with Westside Elementary School. 

This award is sponsored by Valdosta Insurance Services.  The winners were recognized by Superintendent Wes Taylor and Board Members.  Each winner received a $50 gift card and will be eligible to enter a $100 drawing at the end of the school year.

 Daisy takes her job seriously! She never hesitates to respond to reported spills and seeks ways to keep things running smoothly. She helps clean the tables and floors in the lunchroom and quickly gets food and wrappers off the floor so that it doesn't become a slip hazard. No matter whether she is cleaning on her hallway, helping in the lunchroom, or responding to a call to clean up an accident, Daisy always a happy and joyful attitude! And it's not easy to be happy when cleaning up vomit. 

Amy knows her stuff! And she eagerly teaches safety procedures and expectations to the others working in the lunchroom. She is organized and keeps the cleaning chemicals AND the safety protocols related to those chemicals in a special place away from the food and food prep areas. Amy not only keeps a clean and organized kitchen, she also is careful to make sure that the foods being cooked are at the correct temperatures before being served to the students and faculty. Amy is passionate about making sure everyone is well fed while maintaining high expectations for safety! Daisy Wingfield-Wes Taylor-Beth Lind

Donna Hendley-Amy Cowart-Wes Taylor-Beth Lind