January S.A.F.E. Award Winners

January S.A.F.E. Award Winners
Posted on 01/26/2021
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Congratulations to the January S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) Award Winners with Lowndes County Schools! The January winners are Sharon Nelson (Custodial Department) and Deidre Fryer (School Nutrition Department) with Lowndes Middle School (LMS). These dedicated employees were selected for this award for making safety their #1 priority! Each winner received a $50 gift and will be re-entered for a $100 drawing at the end of the school year. Valdosta Insurance Services sponsor this award.

Sharon Nelson leads the LMS custodial staff with a gentle and kind spirit. She goes out of her way to make sure the teachers, staff, and students have what they need throughout the school day. She consistently is available to her team as any need arises in the school. You can often find “Ms. Sharon” walking a student through the school to find missing jackets or even looking in the lost and found for lunch boxes.

Not only does Sharon make our school sparkle, she is also a lending ear and support to our students and staff emotionally. Many of our students and staff confide in her, and she is to be commended for taking time out of her busy day to be of support. Because of Ms. Sharon, we can continue to impact students academically and emotionally. She is our hero!


Deidre Frier is such a breath of fresh air in our nutrition department. She works so hard to make sure she has enough food for the students and staff members at LMS. Deidre is committed to serving our students in the “brick and mortar” and “virtual students.” You can find Deidre working in the lunchroom, but she does not hesitate to come and ask questions that will help her team as well.  She is professional, kind, and very hands on with the parents. Deidre is such an inspiration to all of us.


She works countless hours to make sure the work environment is safe and the food is prepared correctly. She always goes above and beyond to prepare each meal, which makes such a huge impact on our students and staff. She also worked countless hours during this pandemic to make sure our students had food to eat at home. Because of Deidre, our students succeed! We appreciate her so much at LMS.

Wes Taylor-Deidre Frier-Sharon Nelson