CCRPI School Star Climate Ratings

CCRPI School Star Climate Ratings
Posted on 10/29/2018
Viking LogoThe 2018 CCRPI School Star Climate Ratings were released by the Georgia Department of Education on October 29, 2018. Each school received either an above average or excellent rating. This is the second year in a row that every school earned either a 4-star or 5-star rating.

The CCRPI School Climate Star Rating is an additional component to the 2018 CCRPI which measures the quality and character of school life. Each school is assigned a star rating, with 5 stars indicating excellent school climate. The school climate star rating is divided into four domains: School Climate, Student Discipline, Safe and Substance-Free Learning Environment, and School Attendance.

The CCRPI School Climate Star Rating indicator is derived from multiple sources of data to create a final score and star rating. Through the use of student health surveys, staff surveys, and parent surveys, each school was assigned a school climate score. The end of the year (June 2018) student-level discipline data and school enrollments were used to calculate the school’s weighted suspension rate. The student health surveys were used to calculate the safe and substance-free learning environment score. The school-wide attendance score was calculated by using student, teacher, administrator, and staff attendance records from the prior school year.

2018 CCRPI School Climate Star Rating

5-Star Rating – Excellent School Climate Rating

Clyattville Elementary School (100.2)
Dewar Elementary School (100.2)
Hahira Elementary School (98.6)
Lake Park Elementary School (99.4)
Moulton Branch Elementary School (96.6)
Pine Grove Elementary School (99.8)
Westside Elementary School (99.3)
Hahira Middle School (92.4)
Pine Grove Middle School (96.4)

4-Star Rating – Above Average School Climate Rating

Lowndes Middle School (88.4)
Lowndes High School (83.4)

The 2018 CCRPI School Climate Star score ranges are listed below.
Elementary Schools Middle/High Schools

5 – Star School 96.4 and above 89.5 and above
4 – Star School 91.8 to 96.3 83.4 to 89.4
3 – Star School 87.2 to 91.7 77.3 to 83.3
2 – Star School 82.6 to 87.1 71.2 to 77.2
1 – Star School 82.5 and below 71.1 and below