Where to find my child's student ID number

How to find your Child’s Student Number 

(Lunch Number)


Login into Parent Portal with your username and password

If you need assistance with Parent Portal, email [email protected] from the email address we have on file for you (parent).
  1. On the “Homepage” click the menu bar (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner
  2. Click on “Today” 
  3. You will see your child's information.  The student number (lunch number) is the LAST 5 digits of the student number.  All Lowndes County students will have 692 as the first three digits of their number.
    • (Example: 69299887 - Student number = 99887
  4. If you have multiple children, you can view all your children by clicking on the down arrow (Top right of screen beside your child’s name).