Information Technology

Information Technology and the Lowndes County Schools

The department of Information Technology and Accountability includes the oversight of Student Registration for all schools in the system, the management of our system Student Information System (SIS), all data transmissions to the Georgia Department of Education for data collections, Our department also oversees management of the instructional technology programs in the system, and the oversight of the Athletic Budget for all schools.

Student Registration

The Lowndes County School System utilizes a centralized enrollment process for all students. Having a centralized enrollment allows the system to have a unified data entry process, increasing data integrity. Our Centralized Enrollment Department consists of four full-time registrars who enrolled over 2300 students during the 2014-2015 school year, withdrew approximately 1800 students, and transferred 330 students within the district. Centralized Enrollment complies with all state data collection requirements by compiling over 250 data elements on each of the more than 10,000 students in the system. This data is then validated against over 2000 edits which generate errors and warnings. These are then individually reviewed upon receipt to ensure accuracy and maximum funding.

Centralized Enrollment also verifies address of students. Some addresses require a residency affidavit which must be referred to a system resource officer, and the department works to verify addresses when mail is returned or when the school administration has a concern regarding the residence of a student. Our system registrars also work with the system social workers to correctly identify students who may classify as homeless, federally connected, etc.

In addition to student information and ensuring that all aspects of FERPA are being met, the Centralized Enrollment department is responsible for the academic scheduling of all students K-8, generating and printing of report cards K-8, generating and sending attendance letters, verification on any returned attendance letters, and identification of all SLO courses. In addition, Centralized Enrollment generates all Honor Roll reports for newspaper publication, as well as establishes each school and course for a new school term within the SIS. Our system registrars work with teachers on entering grades into their gradebook within the SIS, as well as generating logins and working with parents to troubleshoot issues with parent portal. Parent portal gives parents access to student information regarding grades, attendance, and behavior for their child/children.

Centralized Enrollment oversees Pre-K registration and our system Kindergarten Registration each spring.

Instructional Technology/Software

The Instructional Technology department supports the teachers and students of Lowndes County by assisting educators with implementation of various software programs into the teaching and learning process. In using various software titles, teachers are encouraged to supplement their instruction with programs which align to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). The department models and provides instructional support, content, and strategies that encourage higher-order thinking skills and promote lifelong learning.

In grades K-2 all students work with the Waterford instructional program, which works to teach, enrich, and remediate students in building a strong educational foundation in reading, math and science. In grades 3-5, iStation is the program currently being implemented for all students to build reading skills. iStation utilizes a monthly assessment of skills which allows the teacher to assign instruction based on weaknesses of the individual child.

LCS also utilizes an instructional program called Edgenuity with alternative education, credit-recovery, and non-traditional students in grades 9-12. This program provides engaging online and blended learning education solutions. The program also assists teachers in delivering more effective instruction. Edgenuity provides courses aligned to CCGPS, courses appropriate for Advanced Placement, courses for elective credits, as well as Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Credit Recovery courses. All courses are aligned to the rigor and high expectations of state, Common Core and iNACOL standards.

Study Island is another instructional tool utilized by students in grades 3-12. It provides some instruction, but is primarily utilized for test-prep and benchmark assessments during the school year.

The Instructional Technology department works with individual schools and with other district level departments to support and promote the use of SLDS (State Longitudinal Data System) within the Student Information System.

TLE Platform

This department also oversees the implementation of the GADOE TLE Platform. The TLE Electronic Platform is a platform provided by the GADOE for principals and teachers to utilize as part of the Teacher and Leader Keys Effectiveness System. This system grants school administrators virtual access to the common evaluation systems (TKES/LKES). This system gives schools and school systems the ability to ensure consistency and comparability in teacher and leader effectiveness and evaluation. This tool has been developed by the DOE to support school systems in working towards building capacity to impact student achievement by employing teachers who are proven to be effective.


All school media centers are facilitated by the Department of Information Technology and Accountability. This department coordinates all media budgets, the implementation and maintenance of Destiny (school library software), the application and use of Accelerated Reader, as well as the support of media specialists and all other media software.

Athletic Budget

The Department of Information and Technology and Accountability also oversees the development and implementation of all athletic budgets and ticket sales.

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