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TITLE III, PART A Program Overview ​​​​​
Title III is part of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It awards eligible Local Education Agencies with funding to provide language instruction educational programs to English Learners (ELs). School districts with large English Learner populations receive direct Title III allocations, while school districts with lower incidence populations are grouped into the “Georgia Title III Consortium”. The Title III Consortium allows these “low-incidence” districts to participate in Title III activities similar to districts with large numbers of ELs. Upon attainment of English language proficiency, as measured by the "ACCESS for ELLs 2.0" assessment, EL students exit from language support services.

Everyone Smiles in the Same Language!

ESOL Parent Outreach Resources

2018-2019 LCS T3-ESOL Manual

Lowndes County Schools Parent Night Presentation

Noche de Padres del Sistema Escolar

LCS Student Parent Handbook in English

Manual Para Padres y Estudiantes  2018-2019

Colorin Colorado

My child is an English Learner. What does this mean?

Mi hijo es un estudiante del idioma ingles. Que significa esto?

How is my child's language development supported at school?

Como apoya la escuela el desarrollo del lenguaje de mi hijo?

How do I know if my child is making progress?

Como puedo saber si mi hijo esta progresando?

Title III Director

Herb Hamilton


ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Resources

ESOL Parent Communication Plan

Home Language Survey

The home language survey is given to all parents of students to complete at registration. If a language other than English is identified, students will be screened for ESOL services.

School-Home Communication

Per federal law, school-home communication must be provided in a language that our parents understand. In an effort to facilitate this communication, translation and interpretation services are available at no charge to parents and guardians who require assistance in understanding all district and school related information. Lowndes County Schools provides assistance to parents/guardians of English Learners in their home language. Lowndes County Schools uses World Wide Interpreter and as resources for school home communication. Parents, Guardians or Students who need assistance in a language other than English may call 229-245-2250.

Parent Notification for English Learners

The district assures that parental notification is provided as required for:

  • notification of eligibility of services
  • notification of initial or continuing program placement
  • description of delivery model
  • notification of annual assessment for English language proficiency
  • annual assessment score reports to show growth in language proficiency (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)
  • exit from ESOL Program

Parent Outreach

Lowndes County Schools provides parent outreach opportunities in order to promote parental and community participation in programs for English Learners. Topics include classroom expectations; available school and community resources and services; and how to understand report cards and standardized test scores. The ESOL Department not only provides instruction in how to help their children at home but also provides supplementary reading and math materials in both Spanish and English to the parents English Learners.

Student & Parent Handbook

Lowndes County Schools provides a Student and Parent Handbook in English and Spanish:

LCS Student Parent Handbook in English

LCS Student Parent Handbook in Spanish

This handbook is available in print. It is also posted on the Lowndes County Schools webpage. This handbook is provided for the purpose of informing students and families about the policies and procedures of Lowndes County Schools.

Complaint Procedures

Any individual, organization, or agency may file a complaint with the Lowndes County School System (LCSS) if they believe and allege that LCSS is violating a federal statue or regulation regarding the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The complaint must allege a violation that occurred not more than one (1) year prior to the date the complaint is received unless a longer period is reasonable because the violation is considered to be systemic or ongoing. A written complaint should be addressed to: Lowndes County Board of Education, Attn: Federal Projects Director, 1592 Norman Drive, Valdosta, Georgia 31601.

ESOL Teachers

Joy Cowart Teacher Lowndes Middle School & Lowndes High School
Julie Love Teacher Clyattville Elementary School
Susan Moore Teacher Clyattville Elementary School
Kay Retterbush Teacher Moulton Branch Elementary School
Stacy Anderson Teacher Dewar Elementary School

Teacher Hahira Middle School
Kristy James Teacher Pine Grove Middle School
Arnedra Moore Teacher Hahira Elementary School
Laura Copeland Teacher Lake Park Elementary School
Ashley Willmont Teacher Pine Grove Elementary School
Kris Stites Teacher Westside Elementary School