Volunteer and Chaperone Procedures

Anyone providing supervision while actively interacting with students, or anyone having responsibility of students of Lowndes County Schools must complete the Volunteer and Chaperone Packet. The period of supervision also includes activities outside the normal school day such as field trips, athletic events, etc.

Requirements of volunteers and chaperones before they are allowed to interact with students:
  • Watch the DOE Mandated Reporter Power Point (PPT).
  • Consent to a local background check. The principal will be notified if an issue is identified on the background check.
  • Sign the volunteer statement indicating the PPT has been viewed and that the school protocol and mandated reporting law is understood.

Identification of volunteers after completing the requirements:
  • Volunteers will show a photo id before performing volunteer activities.
  • Schools will designate a certified staff member to maintain the signed statements.

If you have any questions regarding the volunteer and chaperone process you can email brittanymcfarland@lowndes.k12.ga.us