The Lowndes County Schools System has adopted SherpaDesk to be our ticketing system for reporting and tracking both technology and facilities maintenance service requests.


Individual teachers and staff members will enter their own requests for service. The tickets will, in most cases, go first to the technology paraprofessional at each school to be reviewed, resolved, or escalated to the next level technician. End users submitting tickets will receive email updates on ticket status and when the issue has been resolved.

  1. Browse to
  2. Click the Login button at top right
  3. Do NOT enter your email address and password.  Instead, click the Sign in with Google button. 
  4. Click the Green Create New Ticket Button
  5. Select your location. From the drop down, click Browse All. Click + to expand your school and your hall and click on your room.
  6. Choose a problem Class and any sub-classes that appear based on your selection.
  7. Enter a clear subject and provide sufficient information in the Details field so that the technician or technology paraprofessional can find and resolve the issue.
  8. Click submit my ticket.


Individual teachers and staff members will enter their requests for maintenance service. The process is the same as for technology tickets.

After tickets have been entered, designated persons at each site will review the submitted maintenance requests and approve or disapprove. Admins will open the Queue for their school, click on each ticket, and if approved, click Transfer and change the level to 2 - School Level Approval.  Once tickets have been approved, they will flow directly to the appropriate maintenance technician.