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Sherpa Desk for Admins

We have adopted SherpaDesk as our ticketing system for technology and for facilities maintenance requests. Teachers and other staff will be able to enter both technology and facility maintenance requests.  

Technology Paraprofessionals will evaluate and transfer or close technology tickets. Designated office staff and/or school admins will evaluate and transfer or close maintenance requests. IMPORTANT: Maintenance does NOT see the tickets until the designated school level person has approved the ticket.

These instructions are to guide school admins and other designated staff in the process of transferring or closing maintenance requests that they receive. Click on any of the images to see them larger.

 To transfer tickets the designated admin at the school will need to login to SherpaDesk. Click the "Login" button at the top right.  
Image Login Screen
 You might be taken directly to your home screen.  If you see this login page, do NOT enter your email address and password.  Click Sign in with Google and then enter your Google credentials if prompted to do so. 
Image - Login with Google
 You will next see this dashboard.  I(t provides a count and status on open tickets.  You need to look at the Maintenance Queue.  If it says anything other than zero, you need to click on the queue to see what new tickets have been entered.  You must either close or transfer the tickets.  
Image - Admin home screen
 This is the expanded view of the queue.  Click on a ticket title to see the ticket details.
Image - Queue List
 Click the drop down next to Ticket Action.  If the issue resolved itself, or if you think this is not something you want maintenance to address, click Close.  If you want to escalate the ticket to the Maintenance Department, you will click Transfer.  
Image - Transfer Screen
 This ticket is being closed. It is not being sent on to Maintenance.  Fill in comments in the text field and click Transfer Ticket to Me and Close.  
Image - Ticket being closed
 This is a ticket you wish for maintenance to address.  You must change the status from 1-Initial Entry to 2-School Level Approval. If you click the radio button "Keep [School] Maintenance Queue attached to this ticket", you will continue to get email updates each time a comment is added to the ticket and when it is closed. If you do not want the emails, leave as "Remove [School] Maintenance Queue after transfer. 

Click Submit Transfer.
Image - Escalating ticket
One Note: You should receive email notifications each time a ticket has been submitted. If you click on the number of the ticket, you will be taken to that ticket in SherpaDesk and can then close or transfer from that screen.  
Image - Email view of ticket