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Entering Maintenance Requests into SherpaDesk for End Users

With the start of the 2015-2016 school year, the Lowndes County Schools has adopted SherpaDesk so that staff members may enter their maintenance service requests. This page shows how to enter a ticket and also how to login to SherpaDesk to see status on previously entered tickets. 

You may click on any of the images to see them full size.

Browse to the portal for SherpaDesk

and click on Submit a ticket.  There is no need to login to submit a ticket.
Image - Initial Screen
 You will be prompted for your email address. You must use a staff email address.

Click Continue.
Image - Enter Email Address
It is important that you provide the most precise location you can for the problem.  You should be able to drill down through school and wing to classroom by clicking the + sign to expand the choices. Click on the location to choose it.  

*If you do not see a listing of locations, click on Browse All.  If you do not see your specific location listed, select Not Listed, and add details of your location in the ticket notes.

Image - Select Location
 Next, choose a class.  For some classes, when you make a selection, a sub class might appear.  For your ticket to be routed correctly, you must select a class when it is an option and choose one of the sub-class options that appear;.  

In this case, I chose General Maintenance, then Carpentry.
Image - Select class and add details
 Type a subject for the ticket and provide details about the problem and where the work needs to be done in the room.

You can also attach files, so if you take a photograph, you can add it to the ticket to help the technician resolve the problem.

When done adding the detail to the ticket, click Create Ticket.
Image - Type subject and add details
 You will see a confirmation page and receive an email when your ticket has been submitted.  
Image - Confirmation details