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General Duties

Human Resources Department - General Duties  

The Human Resources Department (HR Department) continues to support the needs of our current and prospective employees. The HR Department coordinates the personnel activities of 1,707 employees (789 certified educators, 574 classified employees and 344 substitute employees). The HR Department’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Ø  Respond to employee and applicant inquiries;

Ø  Direct the preparation of human resources reports for the superintendent to submit to the Board of Education and/or other agencies.

Ø  Assist the Business Services Department in development of staff needs; 

Ø  Assist Federal Programs Director in meeting federal NCLB highly qualified requirements;

Ø  Post job vacancies and maintain employment portal website;

Ø  Develop applicant pool of highly qualified certificated candidates consistent with NCLB;

Ø  Assist in candidate selections and interviews as requested;

Ø  Verify credentials of certificated applicants;

Ø  Conduct criminal background checks;

Ø  Conduct new employee orientation meetings;

Ø  Place employees on appropriate pay schedules;

Ø  Prepare Letters of Intent, employment contracts, contract addendums and verify experience for salary purposes;

Ø  Process initial and renewal educator/service/paraprofessional certifications;

Ø  Complete the state Certified/Classified Personnel Inventory (CPI);

Ø  Conduct Open Enrollment and administer the system’s comprehensive employee benefit program;

Ø  Administer multiple leave of absence provisions provided by the local BOE and federal law (sick leave, eligible FMLA leave, and military, and);

Ø  Counsel and advise employees on issues of concern related to employment processes;

Ø  Assist employees in preparing for retirement under the Teacher Retirement System and Public School Employees Retirement System;

Ø  Administer the 403-b Tax Sheltered Annuity plan (TSA);

Ø  Interpret and make appropriate application of local and state BOE employment policies;

Ø  Direct the investigations of reports of violations of school board rules, policies, Code of Ethics and other regulations and develop the system’s response to Professional Standards Commission ethics violations;

Ø  Serve as the custodian of records;

Ø  Respond to Georgia Open Records Act requests;

Ø  Process grievances filed by certified and classified employees;

Ø  Direct the non-renewal processes, including employee documentation procedures;

Ø  Investigate reports of misconduct, arrests, or illegal activities of employees;

Ø  Respond to employee unemployment compensation claims;

Ø  Develop the system’s response to federal employment discrimination charges;

Ø  Coordinate workers’ compensation claim activities; and

Ø  Coordinate drug testing for system employees as required by local BOE policy, state and federal law. 

All of these activities are designed to support our staff and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements.  If you have a question regarding any of the above listed activities, please contact the HR Department at 229-245-2250.