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State Superintendent Woods Visits LMS

posted Feb 28, 2018, 3:06 PM by LAVERNE ROME
State Superintendent and LMS Students/Staff
Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods visited LMS and addressed the Principal Advisory Council and Y-Lead students along with giving a helping hand to fill Blessing Bags, a charitable giving project started by 8th grader Nealy Hiers to provide toiletries and personal hygiene items to those students in need. The bags contain hygiene items, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap and more. 

Hiers said he identified the need after noticing some students were being picked on because of a lack of hygiene. He said bullying not only affected those students’ self-esteem but also their ability to learn.  “They can’t really learn when they’re being picked on,” Hiers said.

State Superintendent and LMS Students
Hiers is a member of the state superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, a group of seventh through twelfth graders from across the state who discuss decisions affecting students throughout Georgia.  

State Superintendent Woods encouraged other students to be leaders and set an example, too. He told students if they have a dream, they can make it happen. “Your age does not disqualify you from doing something and making a difference,” he said.