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Mr. Taylor Receives Recognition

posted Nov 16, 2017, 2:25 PM by LAVERNE ROME
Wes Taylor & Family and School Board Members
The Lowndes County School Board surprised Superintendent Wes Taylor by recognizing him for his work. Recently, Mr. Taylor was named one of four state finalists for the 2018 Superintendent of the Year for the state of Georgia. Each year the Georgia’s Superintendent Professional Organization (GSSA) calls for and accepts Superintendent of the Year (SOY) nominations from local school boards, Regional Education Service Agencies, business organizations and communities, and education colleagues from all over the state of Georgia.

Mr. Taylor was also awarded the prestigious Bill Barr Award.  This award is very competitive and is awarded to only one superintendent, annually. The candidate must be recommended, in writing, by another member of GSSA to be eligible for consideration. An awards committee reviews all nominations and they select the recipient. The Bill Barr Award is presented to an exceptional superintendent who possesses the unique ability to mentor, to teach and to lead others in pursuing excellence in public education.

“Wes comes up here every month and recognizes all our faculty and staff, all the great things that they do. ... I wanted to take just a quick moment to recognize Wes Taylor for all the great things that he’s done for our school system, and I know it’s a hard job,” Chairman of the Board, Eric Johnson said.  Johnson said when Taylor became superintendent a few years ago, things were tough financially and morale was down. “CCRPI scores (and) our graduation rates are just through the roof, and all that wouldn’t have been done without your (Taylor’s) leadership,” Johnson said. 

Assistant Superintendent Rodney Green stated, “Mr. Taylor is a man of integrity.  He is committed to equitable opportunities for all individuals.  He has the ability to amass a team of unique perspectives and talents.  He is a master of assembling quality teams of people who share a bond of professional collegiality and intellect.”   Assistant Superintendent Ken Overman said, “With the Bill Barr award and being a finalist as Superintendent of the Year, others around the state are recognizing what we already know here in Lowndes County-which is his quality leadership with a vision and purpose.”

Curriculum Director Dr. Veronica Brown added, “It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a part of your leadership team. Leaders understand that in order to achieve higher standards, they need to have strong values, hold themselves accountable for their words/actions and never make excuses.”  “Mr. Taylor possesses many leadership qualities to be admired, but one word that comes to mind first is genuine.  He is genuinely concerned about the welfare of people around him” stated Curriculum Director Julie Klein.
Taylor said in response, “The truth of the matter is the success we enjoy and have enjoyed in the Lowndes County School System is due to the fine people that make up the system.”

Taylor said in response, “The truth of the matter is the success we enjoy and have enjoyed in the Lowndes County School System is due to the fine people that make up the system.”  The presence of Taylor’s wife and daughters made this recognition much more special!!