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Lowndes High School's Graduation Rate 90%

posted Oct 3, 2017, 7:55 AM by LAVERNE ROME
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Lowndes High School’s Class of 2017 graduation rate is 90%, which is well above the state average. LHS’ graduation rate is up from 86.1% with the Class of 2016. Georgia’s high school graduation rate has increased for the sixth straight year, from 79.4 percent in 2016 to 80.6 percent in 2017.

The graduation rate among subgroups at Lowndes High School indicate 93.3% for Asian/Pacific Islander students; 91.9% for African American students; 91.5% for Hispanic students; 91.2% for Multi-Racial students; 88.9% for Caucasian students; 82.1% for Economically Disadvantaged students; and 71.6% for Students with Disabilities.

Superintendent Wes Taylor says, “These results are the validation of the hard work that goes on in all of our classrooms, K-12.  We celebrate these high marks and offer congratulations to students, teachers, and administrators for these significant gains.”  LHS’ Principal, LeAnne McCall, stated, “We are certainly proud of our graduation rate for the Class of 2017.  Being one of 50 school districts in Georgia with a graduation rate of 90% and above truly reflects our system’s commitment to excellence.  This accomplishment is an affirmation of the outstanding work of the teachers, administrators, and countless support personnel at Lowndes High School as well as our entire school system.  Our graduation rate is the essence of our system motto, “We are ONE Lowndes.”

This is the first year Georgia’s graduation rate has risen above 80 percent using the adjusted cohort calculation now required by federal law. Fifty Georgia school districts recorded 2017 graduation rates at or above 90 percent.

The graduation rate continues to rise as Georgia’s schools and districts increase students’ access to unique, personalized learning opportunities that keep students engaged – including Career Pathways, dual enrollment, AP and IB programs, work-based learning, and internships. Local districts and schools are utilizing data more effectively to identify students’ individual learning needs; there is increased emphasis on a balanced curriculum that supports the whole child and a positive school climate that allows students to learn in a safe, supportive environment.