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Lowndes County School System Class of 2016 SAT Scores

posted Oct 12, 2016, 11:59 AM by LAVERNE ROME
Recently, the SAT results of the 2016 graduating class of Lowndes High School were released. The SAT consists of Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. The SAT is designed to predict a student’s potential for success in the first year of college. It tests students’ knowledge and application of Reading, Writing and Math. The composite score for Lowndes High School was 1487. This score reflects a 66 point increase over the 2015 composite score of 1421. The 2016 composite score surpassed the state composite score of 1459 and the national composite score of 1484. Especially notable is that our overall SAT composite score of 1487 was the highest in the Coastal Plains RESA District. 
Lowndes High School had 306 test takers in 2016, compared to 361 test-takers in 2015. The Lowndes High School composite score reflects the school’s average score of 512 in reading, 489 in math, and 486 in writing for all test-takers.  

January 2016 was the final administration of the traditional SAT.  The redesigned SAT’s first administration was March 2016.  The changes to the format of the SAT give a similar appearance to the ACT, but retain its focus as an aptitude test.  Among the biggest changes to the SAT are a sharper focus on critical-thinking, an emphasis on real-world problems, a new scoring system, and an overhaul of the essay section.  According to Superintendent Wes Taylor, “Our students continue to excel.  These scores are a true reflection of students and teachers in our elementary, middle and high schools.  I’m very proud of their hard work.”