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HMS Students Participate in iFLY Skydiving

posted Jan 24, 2018, 1:52 PM by LAVERNE ROME
HMS Student at iFLY in Atlanta
Eighth grade Hahira Middle School students traveled to Atlanta for the awesome opportunity to participate in the iFLY skydiving experience. Not only did the students experience the actual simulation of skydiving, they also participated in STEM-related lessons and activities. Students were given a physics demonstration in a wind tunnel by an iFLY educator, and they investigated the effects of parachute parameters on flight performance by working in groups to build parachutes of their own. Students and iFLY educators discussed differences in solids and liquids, exertion of forces, differences in frontal and surface areas of objects, and how speed and velocities are recorded in the tunnel. The curriculum at iFLY was designed by STEM educators and scientists to support STEM learning in the classrooms specifically detailing standards in science and math. “Students were able to make the connections between science and math in a way that we cannot always demonstrate in the classroom, plus they were having fun while learning,” said Christi Clements, HMS teacher.  “It was wonderful seeing so many smiles and hearing students tell me how much they loved the experience.”