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G.R.E.A.T. Award - Deidra Frier

posted Mar 21, 2016, 9:24 AM by LAVERNE ROME
As the School Nutrition Manager at Lowndes Middle School, Deidra Frier truly leads by example.  Despite her managerial responsibilities, you'll find her working alongside her staff preparing meals, cleaning up, washing dishes, or whatever the task may be.  All work is valuable and Deidra sees no task as being beneath her.

Consistent high marks on food safety inspections, she runs an immaculate kitchen in an older school.  Her ability to adapt to changing situations makes her a valuable leader in a large middle school.  She can swiftly adjust staff assignments, equipment, and food when closing down a line necessitates.

She's gracious, as the leader she takes responsibility, she always is enthusiastic and models the right attitude, and she's the consummate team-player, you can find fewer more deserving nutrition workers than Deidra Frier.