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G.R.E.A.T. Award - Brenda Humphrey

posted May 12, 2016, 12:02 PM by LAVERNE ROME
Brenda Humphrey is very deserving of the GREAT AWARD. She provides each faculty member the information, instruction and help needed to meet the needs of Lake Park Elementary students and parents. Whether it is collaboration with administrators, grade levels or individual teachers, she enthusiastically strives to provide appropriate resources, activities and instruction which are of assistance in meeting the CCGPS in a creative and child-friendly manner.          

Brenda makes herself available to all who seek her assistance – which with a faculty and student population as large as Lake Park Elementary – is no easy task. Her support of us is unending as we continue learning how to integrate technology effectively. For example, Brenda worked with each grade level involved in Digital Learning Day to research and create presentations showcasing newly-learned technological skills. Brenda is helping to equip the children of LPE with skills so that they will be able to thrive in a technology-rich world and go forward to be the best they can be.

Whether it is working with students on lab projects, or dealing with the frustrations of classroom web pages which serve as valuable resources to parents, she always makes the task at hand seem achievable and not quite so daunting! She does this with unending patience, making the media center and computer lab an inviting place for all at LPE.  These are only a few of the contributions that Ms. Humphrey has made toward student and teacher success, as well as excellence every day at Lake Park Elementary.