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AdvancEd Team Visits LCS

posted Feb 15, 2018, 1:42 PM by LAVERNE ROME
AdvancEd Review Team
In a staff meeting on February 14, Lowndes County Schools received high praise, as well as, suggestions for improvement from an AdvancED Engagement Review Team that visited the system earlier this week.

During their four-day visit, the team reviewed evidence and narratives collected by the staff at each school. The team interviewed 176 students, 31 parents, 18 community members, 81 teachers, 38 system and school leaders, seven board members, and our superintendent.  The purpose of the engagement review visit is to build our capacity to improve and sustain student learning.  It also requires that we examine and improve our effectiveness and efficiency as a school system.

In addition to the evidence the team reviewed and the interviews conducted, the Engagement Review Team visited five schools and conducted 81 classroom observations using the ELEOT (Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool) instrument.  Using a 4-point scale during their observations, the team rated the district’s learning environment as follows:  Equitable Learning (2.68), High Expectations (2.77), Supportive Learning Environment (3.34), Active Learning Environment (2.88), Progress Monitoring and Feedback Environment (2.63), Well-Managed Learning Environment (3.38), and Digital Learning Environment (2.27).

The Engagement Review Team recognized our visionary and highly-qualified superintendent, our strategic resource management practices, our communication efforts and meaningful involvement of stakeholders, our well-managed learning environment, our supportive learning environment, and our focused vision – One Lowndes! – as positive themes to ensure the continued success of our system. 

The Engagement Review Team also identified two areas for improvement.  Given that Lowndes County Schools is a system accredited institution, the team recommended that we continue to examine and document our processes, initiatives, and programs to ensure systematic and sustainable improvement.  Second, the team encouraged us to expose all of our student subgroups to more challenging, rigorous, and differentiated learning opportunities.  

Overall, the Engagement Review Team had the task of assessing 31 AdvancED Performance Standards in three domains:  Leadership (11 standards), Learning (12 standards), and Resource Management (8 standards).  As a result of the team’s analysis, Lowndes County Schools exceeded expectations on 16 standards, met expectations on ten standards, and five standards were designated as emerging, which represented areas to enhance and to extend current improvement efforts.  None of our standards received a needs improvement rating.  Cheryl Allread, the Lead Evaluator, stated, “Our team is impressed with your commitment to improving.  We found well-managed classrooms, with respectful students.” 

Within the next 30 – 45 days, Lowndes County Schools will receive the final report from AdvancED.  Once we receive the report, we will address the required actions outlined by the Engagement Review Team.