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2015 Homecoming Week LHS Supernova

posted Sep 4, 2015, 11:13 AM by LAVERNE ROME

September 7th-12th

 Monday—Labor Day!!  Enjoy your day at home.

    Tuesday—“Superstar Day”: Whether it be Buzz Lightyear, Marilyn Monroe,
Luke Skywalker, or Michael Jackson, the galaxy is full of “stars”!

For Superstar Day, dress as your favorite celebrity! Your celebrity
can be fictional or real!

Wednesday—“Geeks of the Galaxy”: Channel your inner nerd and show the world
your favorite space-themed fandom, whether it be Star Wars, Star Trek, or
Guardians of the Galaxy. Dress as you would for a Nerd Day or wear your
favorite movie T-shirt, spacesuit, or cape (if that’s your thing).

Thursday—“Launch Day Tourist”: NASA has always been the pinnacle of American
engineering, and their space shuttle launches have always been
known to draw a crowd. Cape Canaveral, Florida—the launch site—fills with
old retirees waiting to witness an aerospace achievement. For this day, show us
your best elderly tourist attire; wear your best knee socks, Hawaiian shirts, and
don't forget your binoculars!

                   Friday—“Spirit Day”: Show your spirit for the Lowndes Vikings!  Wear                                                                   your Viking colors to school on this day!